Courses You Can Study Without Physics

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Nigeria Universities Courses Without Physics

Physics is not a major core subject for some courses. It’s ok if you’re science student but could not pass Physics. But it’s not ok if you don’t know what to do with your result. You don’t need a credit in Physics to study some major course but you definitely must have a passing grade like D7 or E8. Some of you are sittings at home for long because you don’t have credit in Physics but I have good news for you. There are science courses you can study without having credit in Physics.

Now, this is what you must do here… All the courses here¬†does not require Physics. Click view and see the Universities offering the course and the possible conditions attached.

You may see courses that require a pass in a subject straight from WAEC subject combination as seen in below image


or buried deep within special consideration



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    • Admission Requirements to Study Fisheries – Under Agriculture

    • Requirements to Study Agricultural Economics

    • Study Agric-Economics and Extension

    • Requirements to Study Agric Extension Services

    • Admission Requirements to Study Animal Science

    • Admission Requirements to Study Crop Production

    • Study Crop, Soil and Pest Management

    • Study Crop Production and Landscape Management

    • Study Crop, Production and Horticulture

    • Study Crop Production and Protection – Under Agriculture

    • Study Plant Physiology and Crop Production

    • Requirements to Study Crop Protection

    • Requirements to Study Crop Science

    • Study Crop Science and Horticulture

    • Study Crop Science and Technology

    • Requirements to Study Wildlife Management – Under Agriculture

    • Admission Requirements to Study Forestry

    • Study Forestry and Wood Technology

    • Study Plant Breeding and Seed Science

    • Requirements to Study Home Economics

    • Study Home Science and Management

    • Admission Requirements to Study Biological Science

    • Requirements to Study Fisheries – Under Science

    • Admission Requirements to Study Geology

    • Admission Requirements to Study Zoology

    • Admission Requirements to Study Microbiology

    • Requirements to Study Urban and Regional Planning

    • Admission Requirements to Study Estate Management

    • Study Ecotourism and Wildlife Management

    • Admission Requirements to Study Soil Science

    • Admission Requirements to Study Agriculture

    • Study Crop and Environmental Protection

    • Study Plant Breeding and Seed Technology

    • Study Crop Production and Soil Science

    • Study Crop Production Technology

    • Study Plant Science and Biotechnology – Under Agriculture

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