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What recruiters look for in a candidate/interview

An interview can be defined as the process of mining a candidate for necessary data to ascertain job compatibility. There are so many things a recruiter want from a candidate and this can only be achieved through

Fresh Graduate: How to Write Career Objectives

Last updated on June 14th, 2018 at 12:24 amThe major reason for a Resume/CV is to sell out yourself in written form to a potential employer detailing why you qualify for a job position. It is expected

A New Approach to Work Experience on a Resume/CV

Yes, definitely you can get Work Experience without having a formal pay job. Most often graduate has these thoughts that until they work for some company they cannot get quality experience but you see, that's a fallacy

How Recruiters Read Through Resume/CV

For a fact, recruiters have leapt away from reading through an entire resume to reading a resume in zigzag. No recruiter would want to spend a minute reviewing a single resume amidst thousand.

What do Recruiters look for in a Resume at first glance

To answer this question, we must understand the question itself. What do recruiters look on a resume at first glance? Not a second or third glance but at first glance.

How Fresh Graduate Can Get a Job in 2018

If you send out 100 Resumes in a week you have done well. Be violent; one job advert amidst 30,000,000 job seekers; the violent taketh it by force.

5 Common Mistakes in Resume/CV

When you submit your Resume, it goes through a thorough review. Machines may have a part to play but the decision comes from recruiters.

How Write a Better Resume with Reference and Hobbies

You must be careful when writing a resume Reference because it is one of the sensitive parts of a resume. A Reference person in a resume is someone who can vouch for you.

A Serious Question: Adding Personal Data to a Resume

I will advise you to include it. Forget about your qualification. If personal Data is missing in your Resume, you don’t have an identity.