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How to Select or Choose A Research Project Topic

When you’re searching out how to choose or select a research project topic, don’t depend on your energy and imagination, you should rather find something that is important and genuinely interests you. There are Applied Theory Research

Students Industrial Work Experience (SIWES) Placement

Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) comes in all shapes and sizes, from work placements to unpaid internships, and volunteering to part-time jobs. The page contains the benefits of SIWES. That is the advantages of work experience

Student Guide: Strategies for Learning Success

Every student has the ability to thrive at university or college. Students who thrive are interested in what they are studying and lead balanced lives. They are engaged with others, their studies and the university, and determined

How to Deal With Challenges Related to Your Studies

As a student, you may experience challenges regarding how you relate to your studies. It is normal to feel overwhelmed when challenges arise, but as the challenge persists, we may start to feel helpless and wanting to

How to Study Effectively in University and College

Some student asks me how to study effectively for long hours while others want to know how to study effectively for exams in a short while. Different things work for different people. This study techniques is suitable

Best and Useful Android Apps Every Student Should Install

I am recommending these Android apps to students because I make use of them every day. They are part of what makes my Android device functional. There are thousands of apps out there and I have a

All You Need To Know About Online Global MBA

Online Global MBA has come to stay and it is a mark of distinction on your resume. Do you want to know more about Online Global MBA? This programme for you… I mean you because you won’t

Why F1 Visa is Denied and How to Overcome Rejection

Where you denied of VISA into the United State? I know how depressing it is to be denied F1 VISA after so much energy and effort invested into it... This post is primarily aimed at looking at

Punishment/Penalties for Examination Malpractice

Do you want to know the punishment for examination malpractice / misconducts by Students in Nigeria? Well, here are some malpractices with corresponding punishment/penalties. The list is not exhaustive and may vary according to each university policy.

How to Request For Missing Result, Scripts or A Remark

If you're going through pain and headache due to missing result or wrong grade, I feel your pain too. This post contains procedure on how to write a letter requesting for missing script/result or requesting for correction