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How to Overcome Carryover Courses

There is nothing wrong with carryover, it is part of being a student. While some have E (Let my people go.), you had an F and it seems like it is you against the world. I had my first share of carryover in my first year – first-semester examination. While the exam was on, I was so busy studying; I had the wrong exam timetable. On my way home to dress up for the exam, I met a colleague coming back from the examination hall… the rest was a sad story. A fashion designer who heard our conversation encouraged me with a word I will never forget ‘Carryover is one of those things that define a student’

I had another carry over in my 200 level first semester (3 unit course) because I wrote exam attendance late. I had my 3rd carry over in a Sociology course (elective) in the same semester. It was not funny. And to God be the glory, I rectified everything in my 300 level first semester; wrote over 11 courses and passed them all with no E attached.

Carryover simply means you can do better.

How to overcome carryover course

  • Firstly, learn how to calculate my C.G.P.A. You will know how well you must prepare for forthcoming examinations


  • Always find time to sleep and worry less…


  • Create a time for reading and for pleasure. You have to balance things. Studying and no pleasure is foolishness. Students wear themselves out with the hope of passing carryover courses, The body never forgives a sin against it; wear it out; you break down. No matter how busy your schedule is, find time to read, find time for pleasure


  • Study the carryover course past questions. You should revise questions from the course you failed and also change your reading habit.


  • Change your peer group if necessary. Some friends are agents of extensions. What I am trying to say in essence is that you should change friends who are not serious about their studies. Some of them may be night crawlers. These are students who study hard at night but spend their day partying.


  • Three carry over courses in 300 level is a symptom of extension… If you’re a Christian I like me, then pray. My song at night was “I have a Father that will never ever fail me‘ and indeed God never failed. It may sound funny but knew an extension was never my portion. My Prayers were answered according to how I requested it. How? During one of my midnight studies, my spirit prompted me to write the scores I wanted. I wrote down the course names and the desired grades – Example: LIS 102 A, SOC 101 C, SOC 201 D. I got exactly what I wrote down. Wish I wrote A for all the carryover courses.


In conclusion

Start making thing right now, I mean now. Don’t procrastinate; don’t fear to lose friends. You came alone into the higher Institution – you will either graduate with others or be left alone for an extension. Be wise.

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